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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thanks to My Readers

Dear Readers,
As you have notice, I am no longer "active" on this web page.  However, have no fear...I am alive and loving life.  I am now part of Savvy Shopper Deals.  I post online deals, and I am still teaching couponing classes. 
Thank you for supporting me and following me here at My Coupon Habit.  I have loved interacting and helping y'all through the world of coupons.
Have a great day.  See you over at Savvy Shopper Deals!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Matching Sales with Coupons

Alright you have your what?  You match your coupons with sales to save the most!  Every Sunday in my newspaper I take the out of the ads.  I grab my sharpie and a circle every item I need, want, or think is a great deal.  Then I match those deals that with my coupons.  After I finish my list, I then head over to the Shopping Wizard which is a FREE service from the Savvy Shopper!  She lists items on sale (advertised and not advertised) for national retail chains, Utah grocery stores and Georgia grocery stores.  She ranks the the deal, shows you what coupons to use, and what your final price will be.  How easy is that!!! She does ALL the work for you.  If she doesn't match up the stores you shop up, then I suggest you Google what ever store you need match ups.  Seriously, I love how much work and time she saves me!!!  There are tons of great tutorials to help you get started with couponing.  I also follow her on Facebook here, so I can know when she post more great deals! This is what the Savvy Shopper looks like.

Monday, August 8, 2011

More Walmarts Are Doubling Coupons!

I just saw on Walmart's Facebook page they are testing more areas for double coupons. 
"Thanks for your inquiry regarding Walmart doubling coupons. We have not updated our coupon policy. We are testing this idea in 3 markets across the country for a limited time in Charleston, WV, Charleston, SC and Tucson, AZ. It is an extension of our Ad Match Policy that gives the store the ability to match competitor coupons in a local area. As an example, Kroger is doubling coupons in West Virginia so Walmart is matching them during the test."

Friday, August 5, 2011

Library=Free Entertainment

It only took me 9 months to finally get a new library card.  When I lived in Utah County, I frequented the Provo library.  I am not sure why it took me so long to get my SLC Library card, but I am making up for lost time.  I majored in English in college, so obviously I am a lover of reading.  Since having my baby girl, I have hardly had ANY time to do you mom's do that?!?  I used to read at least a book a week.  There has been a void in my life...not being able to read.  Light bulb:  I remembered how I used to check out audiobooks for FREE at the library.  I listened to them in my car bc I am not a music person.  I have "read" 4 books in two weeks thanks to audiobooks.  I listed as a fold laundry, clean dishes, feed my baby, driving around, etc. 
Public library cards are FREE.  You can have access to FREE books, audiobooks, CD, DVDs, story tellers, and other activities.  Be sure to check out your local library for FREE entertainment.  Anyone have any book suggestions for me? 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Resuable Bags

How to Coupon:  Use Resuable Bags
I am not a hippy by any means; however, I do feel guilty about the amount of paper/newspaper I use couponing.  Yes, I do recycle.  I tried thinking of ways I could help balance out my ways more so...Enter Recyclable Bags.  I have "green" bags for nearly every store.  They cost around a buck.  Best part is a LOT of stores give you money or rewards for using "green" bags!  Target gives you 5 cents per bag, Harmons gives you 5 cents per bag, Sunflower gives you 5 or 10 cents (can't remember) per bag, Smith's (Kroger) gives you 5 pts per bag, etc.  The "green" bags pay for themselves in a couple of trips, and they save the enviornment at the same time!  

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

5 pts for Pampers Gifts to Grow!

If you are new to Pampers Gifts to Grow, join here. You will earn points when you buy Pampers diapers, training pants and wipes. You can redeem those point for great prizes! Here are several codes to get you started!

50 Points
10 Points
Play this game

Play this game
Thanks Coupon Pro!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Step to Couponing

I am constantly asked what is the first step I should do to start couponing.  My response is ALWAYS the MULTIPLE copies of the Sunday newspaper!  You need extra coupons if you plan on stocking up on good deals. If you live in Utah, My Coupon Habit offers the LOWEST subscription rates.  If you live outside of Utah, it is a good idea to call your newspaper to see if they offer a special couponing discount. 

Call 801-344-2959 for any of the offers below be sure to tell them My Coupon Habit sent you so you can get these great prices:

DAILY HERALD- (Utah County Only)
3 Copies $14.50/month ($1.21/paper)
4 Copies $17.00/month ($1.06/paper)
5 Copies $18.75/month ($0.94/paper)
*Subscription includes a Daily Herald Thursday print edition & e-edition other days.
Tell them MY COUPON HABIT sent you to lock in these GREAT prices!

HERALD JOURNAL- (Cache & Weber Counties)
3 Copies $13.20/month ($1.10/paper)
4 Copies $16.30/month ($1.02/paper)
5 Copies $18.00/month ($0.90/paper)
*Subscription includes Monday-Saturday print edition + e-edition.
Tell them MY COUPON HABIT sent you to lock in these GREAT prices!

STANDARD EXAMINER-(Cache, Weber & Davis Counties)
3 Copies $11.05/month ($0.92/paper)
4 Copies $13.60/month ($0.85/paper)
*Subscription includes Monday-Saturday print edition + e-edition.
Tell them MY COUPON HABIT sent you to lock in these GREAT prices!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday Delivery $39 for 26 weeks/newspaper* ($1.50/paper)
Friday, Saturday, Sunday Delivery $53 for 52 weeks/newspaper* ($1.02/paper)
Sunday Only Delivery $53 for 52 weeks/newspaper* ($1.02/paper)
*Subscription includes Mon-Thurs electronic edition
Friday, Saturday, Sunday Delivery $37 for 26 weeks/newspaper – print only ($1.42/paper)
Friday, Saturday, Sunday Delivery $50 for 52 weeks/newspaper – print only ($.96/paper)
Sunday Only Delivery $50 for 52 weeks/newspaper – print only ($.96/paper)
Maximum Copies 2 Salt Lake Tribune & 2 Deseret News
With the Salt Lake Newspapers gift cards are available in $5 increments.
1 Copy $5 gift card for 1 year subscriptions
2 Copies $10 gift cards for 1 year subscriptions
3 Copies $15 gift cards for 1 year subscriptions
4 Copies $20 gift cards for 1 year subscriptions

Call 801-344-2959 TODAY and tell them My Coupon Habit sent you!

Living on your stock pile

Obviously I have been gone for a bit.  I have had a jammed pack summer.  I have been sooooo busy that I have rarely couponed.  I know blaspheme right!  Instead I have been living on my stock pile.  I have been buying dairy, meats, and produce...and that is about it.  I started back on couponing last week bc my stock pile was starting to dwindle.   This is another reason I LOVE couponing.  To be able to the freedom to take "breaks" from shopping from time to time is a much needed break for all.  I think I came back at the perfect time too!  I scored tons of  50 cent Kellogg's cereal!  (Still on sale at Harmons and most Associated Foods store in Utah.)  Here to me coming back!  Keep the questions coming!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Be Back

I will be back August 3.  I have had a CRAZY busy summer full of vacations, friends in town, family in town, funerals, weddings, and lots of time outside!  See you soon.  In the mean time, please keep emailing or facebook me your questions.  I LOVE helping yall!

Monday, July 18, 2011

$5 off Bengay Product

This should be a FREE Bengay at Target and/or Walmart!  Hurry and print now here.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Target Deals

I got all this for $2.88 at Target.  I will be going back to Target to get some of the dirt cheap pillows!  Check out all the new Target coupons here.
Pens 2 cents with Target Coupons.
Sharpies FREE with Target Coupons.
Dove deordrant FREE with Target Coupons and manf coupons.

GREAT Deal on All You

If you are looking for a fabulous deal on the magazine All You.  Check this out!

Thanks Stephanie and Southern Savers!

FREE Beechnut Baby Food at Harmons

This week stage 2 Beechnut baby food is on sale 3 for $1 at Harmons.  Go here to get a coupon for $1 off 3.  You can also print a $1 off 6!  Woohoo!

I saw the Beechnut cereal for $1.50 at Walmart.  Grab this coupon for $1 off to score a great deal!

PLUS "like" them on Facebook and you can print off $2 off 16 jars and $1 off any stage 4 or toddler item!

Thanks Savvy Shopper!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Trial Size

How to Coupon:  Buying trial size. 
When my coupon are about to expire, I gather them up and head to travel section at Walmart.  First, I check to see if my coupons say excludes trial/travel size.  Often you get score FREE items, and sometimes you can even get overage to help pay for your produce. 

All You

How to Coupon:  Get a subscription or buy a copy of All You at Walmart.
I know I have talked a lot about the magazine All You, but I cannot say enough about how much I LOVE this magazine.  This magazine retails anywhere from $1.88 to $2.49 depending on your Walmart, or you can get a subscription for the year for a little less than $20.  Each magazine comes with $60-$100 worth of coupons.  I use at least half of these coupons.  I personally buy a copy every month...I am waiting to find a cheaper subscription price. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kmart Toy Clearance

My friend Sariah just send me an email showing her amazing toy finds at Kmart. This is a perfect time to stock up on toys for birthdays and Christmas! I will be checking out my Kmart today! (I am not sure which Kmart she went to, but I am assuming she went to the Spanish Fork Kmart.)

I went to Kmart and they are having an awesome toy clearance. All clearance toys are 50% off the already clearance price. I paid only $90 for $263 worth of toys that I will save for birthdays and Christmas. I put the original prices in parenthesis so you could see the savings.

Tonka Chuck's Stunt Park $10.00 (39.99)
(4) Play Doh Creations Kits $3.50 (8.99)
Squirt Bath Toys $2.00 (5.00)
Kids Trucks $2.00 (5.00)
Strawberry Shortcake Splashin Petal Pool $6.50 (17.99)
Girls Glam Makeup Set $1.75 (5.00)
Dotza Color Pens $2.00 (5.99)
Toy Story 3 Spaceship Vehicle Stunt $3.00 (11.99)
Piranha Panic Board Game $10.00 (26.99)
My Little Baby Born Doll $6.50 (16.99)
(2) Color Wonder Art Sets 4.00 (9.99)
Toy Story 3 Sunnyside Breakout Stunt Set $6.50 (24.99)
Moon Sand Sweet Delights $3.50 (9.99)
Toy Story Bracelets $1.00 (2.99)
Thomas the train Birthday Surprise Game $5.50 (14.99)
Matchbox City Service Station $7.50 (19.99)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Publix Shopping with Stephanie

My friend Stephanie has been couponing for several years now.  She is AMAZING at finding deals to feed her family of 4.  She lives in Georgia, and she shops in Tennessee. (She lives on the border.).  Check out her awesome shopping trip to Publix in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
6 Boxes of Aunt Jemima Frozen Waffles
2 Boxes of Meuller Pasta
1 Box of Whole Wheat Meuller Pasta
2 Bottles of Kandoo Kids Shampoo
2 Playtex Sippy Cups (yes one is open in the picture:)
1 2 pack Playtex Sippy Cup
2 Packages of Goldfish
1 Loaf of Bread
2 Kid Cuisine Frozen Meals
4 Bottles of Bertolli Pasta Sauce
2 Cans of Bush’s Grilling Beans
6 2-pack Beechnut Toddler Meals
5 2-pack Beechnut Toddler Fruit Cups
3 Packages Kraft Shredded Cheese
1 Apple
1 Bunch of Bananas
Before Coupon Total- 108.38
Total After Coupons/Savings- 19.71
Saved – $88.67 or 82%  
Want to show off your shopping trip?  Email me at 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

July 4th

I will be out until Tuesday.  Happy 4th of July to all yall! :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

$1 off Hot Wheels

Woohoo go here to grab $1 off any Hot Wheels!  This is a manf coupon.  These are just a tad over a buck, so you can grab some cheep stocking stuffers.  My little lady is going to be super excited!  She LOVES Hot Wheels!

Thanks Hip 2 Save!

Standard Examiner Deals Ends July 9

I just learned the Standard Examiner will be limiting newspaper subscription to 4 max on July 9.  If you already get 5 copies you are fine they will continue at your rate.  If you have been thinking about getting 5 copies, you better act now.  Remember to tell them My Coupon Habit sent you, so you can lock in the LOWEST subscription rate!
  • The Ogden Standard Examiner (Weber & Davis Counties)  
    • MUST CALL 801-344-2959 BY THURSDAY, NOON!!!
3 Sunday Copies $11.05/month
4 Sunday Copies $13.60/month
5 Sunday Copies $16.50/month ($0.76 per copy - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENDS July 9th)